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  • Ibizadesk, is the perfect partner for all Ibizalovers.

    We offer a full range of services in Ibiza and in Belgium for private persons and groups as well as corporate groups: 

    • Ibiza villa rentals: we have a variety of different fincas, holidayhouses and villas, no doubt that you will find perfect holiday home that matches your needs and your personality
    • Complete holiday planning in Ibiza with boat trips, island discovery trips, car rentals etc.
    • Catering services: we create a complete Ibiza vibe and serve the best (fusion) tapas, Iberico meat and freshly cut Iberico ham
    • Event organization and company incentive trips to Ibiza

    In all we do we, we strive towards a very personal approach, where we try to get to know our client better. We offer you something that matches your personal ‘needs’, whichever they may be.

    Our own passion for ‘living the good life’, nice things, good food, fun in life and of course our love for Ibiza gives us a little help on the way.

    We’re not going to write a 5 page text on how good and exclusive we are. Let us just share our passion with you, browse through our website and if you like what you see: HIRE US.

    Ibizadesk Travel

    Ibizadesk is the perfect partner for the individual, corporate or group visitor on the island of Ibiza. We offer full range of services using our extensive knowledge of the island along with a pinch of creativity and exclusivity.

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    Ibizadesk Catering

    Once you’ve been to Ibiza, you will feel the need to relive the Ibizavibe. We bring it this back in Belgium by organising and catering your event.

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    Ibiza is different

    Ibiza is different than all other destinations…
    Ibiza surprises you, every single time.

    It has that special ‘everything is possible and go with the fow’ atmosphere, that can’t be explained. You will only understand, once you’ve been there…
    Ibiza is so versatile, it is constantly changing, innovating and creating new trends It is incredible that this small mediterranean Island can be such a trendsetter and the perfect destination, not only for the holidaymaker that is looking for that little extra, but especially for
    those who are looking to organise a (corporate) event or an incentive.

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