Ibiza is different

  • Ibiza is different than all other destinations… Ibiza surprises you, every single time.

    It has that special ‘everything is possible and go with the flow’ atmosphere, that can’t be explained. You will only understand, once you’ve been there… Ibiza is so versatile, it is constantly changing, innovating and creating new trends It is incredible that this small mediterranean Island can be such a trendsetter and the perfect destination, not only for the holidaymaker that is looking for that little extra, but especially for those who are looking to organise a (corporate) event or an incentive. Although notorious for it’s party status, Ibiza has so much more to offer than ‘just’ the best clubs in the world…

    So why come?

    • The cuisine is inimitable.You can fnd specialised and trendy restaurants that will surprise you with their beautiful settings and amazing quality dishes.
    • Discover the rural side of Ibiza, driving trough the olive tree felds and hills and have a hierbas with the local ‘pageses’.
    • Reenergize by enjoying the beautiful nature, Unesco heritage and the most amazing calas and beaches with azure sea.
    • Stroll trough the old town of Ibiza and be amazed by the history and beauty of Dalt Villa.
    • Enjoy Ibiza nightlife, with the best clubs, priceless line-ups of the best DJ’s and artists and the most glamorous places and beautiful people.
    • Rent a stunning villa to enjoy a holiday in all privacy or stay in one of the amazing hotels.
    • Ibiza is the perfect destination to organise an event or an incentive, in addition to all the above, it has over 1000 hotels that are open al year and a palace of congress auditorium with a capacity of 437 people.